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Empowering organizations to move workloads to the cloud while keeping their data on their own premises, Oracle today announced significant expansion of the breadth of services available through Oracle Cloud at Customer. The portfolio now spans all of the major Oracle PaaS categories and for the first time, also features Oracle SaaS services. Since its introduction just over a year ago, Oracle Cloud at Customer has experienced unprecedented growth with leading global organizations across six continents and more than 30 countries adopting the solution, including AT&T and Bank of America.


Oracle Cloud at Customer is designed to enable organizations to remove one of the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption—data privacy concerns related to where the data is stored. While organizations are eager to move their enterprise workloads to the public cloud, many have been constrained by business, legislative and regulatory requirements that have prevented them from being able to adopt the technology. These first-of-a-kind services provide organizations with choice in where their data and applications reside and a natural path to easily move business critical applications eventually to the public cloud. “Oracle Cloud at Customer is a direct response to the remaining barriers to cloud adoption and turning those obstacles into opportunities by letting customers choose the location of their cloud services,” said Thomas Kurian, president, product development, Oracle. “We are providing a unique service that enables our customers to leverage Oracle Cloud services, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, both on their premises and in our cloud.  Customers gain all the benefits of Oracle’s robust cloud offerings, in their own datacenters, all managed and supported by Oracle.” Underpinning Oracle Cloud at Customer is a modern cloud infrastructure platform based on converged Oracle hardware, software-defined storage and networking and a first class IaaS abstraction. Oracle fully manages and maintains the infrastructure at customers’ premises so that customers can focus on using the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services. This is the same cloud infrastructure platform that powers the Oracle Cloud globally. Based on overwhelming customer demand, Oracle continues to expand the services available via Oracle Cloud at Customer. With today’s news, customers now have access to all of Oracle’s major PaaS categories, including Database, Application Development, Analytics, Big Data, Application and Data Integration, and Identity Management. These services take advantage of specific enhancements that have been made to the underlying Oracle Cloud at Customer platform such as servers with faster CPUs and NVMe-based flash storage, as well as all-flash block storage to deliver even better performance for enterprise workloads. For the first time, Oracle has also made available via Oracle Cloud at Customer, the ability to consume Oracle SaaS services such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Supply Chain Management in their own datacenters. These best-in-class, modern applications help unlock business value and increase performance by enabling businesses and people to be more informed, connected, productive, and engaged. Major organizations are already adopting this new option to modernize their key enterprise operations and benefit from the speed of innovation in Oracle SaaS without having to move sensitive application data outside their premises. With the addition of SaaS services to Oracle Cloud at Customer, customers have access to Oracle Cloud services across the entire cloud stack, all delivered in a subscription-based, managed model, directly in their datacenters. Also, newly available is the Oracle Big Data Cloud Machine, which is an optimized system delivering a production-grade Hadoop and Spark platform with the power of dedicated nodes and the flexibility and simplicity of a cloud offering. Organizations can now access a full range of Hadoop, Spark, and analytics tools on a simple subscription model in their own data centers. Oracle Cloud at Customer delivers the following Oracle Cloud services:

  • Infrastructure: Provides elastic compute, containers, elastic block storage, object storage, virtual networking, and identity management to enable portability of Oracle and non-Oracle workloads into the cloud.
  • Data Management: Enables customers to use the number one database to manage data infrastructure in the cloud with the Oracle Database Cloud, including Oracle Database Exadata Cloud for extreme performance and Oracle MySQL Cloud.
  • Big Data and Analytics:  Empowers an entire organization to use a single platform to take advantage of any data to drive insights. Includes a broad set of big data cloud services, including Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, Oracle Analytics Cloud, and Oracle Event Hub Cloud.
  • Application Development: Enables organizations to develop and deploy Java applications in the cloud using Oracle Java Cloud, Oracle Application Container Cloud, Oracle Container Cloud, and Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud.
  • Enterprise Integration: Simplifies integration of on-premises applications to cloud applications, as well as cloud application to cloud application integration using Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle SOA Cloud, Oracle Data Integrator Cloud, Oracle GoldenGate Cloud, Oracle Managed File Transfer Cloud, and Oracle Internet of Things Cloud.
  • Security: Enables organizations to use Oracle Identity Cloud to implement and manage consistent identity and access management policies.
  • Software-as-a-Service: Provides organizations with a complete suite of software to run their businesses, including Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle CX Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, and Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud.


Customer Demand Drives Expansion of Portfolio

Global organizations are turning to Oracle Cloud at Customer to standardize on a platform to modernize existing infrastructure and develop innovative new applications. Customers including City of Las Vegas, Federacion Colombiana de Municipios, Glintt Healthcare, HCPA, NEC, NTT DATA, Rakuten Card, State University of New York, and State Bank of India are benefitting from Oracle Cloud services from inside their own datacenters. “The City of Las Vegas is shifting its Oracle application workloads to the Oracle Cloud,” said Michael Sherwood, Director Information Technologies, city of Las Vegas. “By keeping the data in our data center, we retain full control while enabling innovation, gaining efficiencies and building applications to better serve our community.” “Today, public organizations are constantly innovating to meet the needs of our citizens. For the Colombian Federation of Municipalities, we have decided to digitally transform our territories to become smart cities,” said Alejandro Murillo, CIO of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities. “With Oracle Cloud at Customer, we have the technological capabilities to bring top-level solutions in the cloud to our municipalities, enabling them to operate with more agility and better serve our citizens.” “Oracle Cloud at Customer provides us with a consolidated solution to make sensitive healthcare data securely available,” said Nuno Vasco Lopes, CEO, Glintt Healthcare Solutions. “The efficient and flexible solution has reduced the total cost of ownership by 18 percent and delivered high customer performance.” 

Oracle Cloud at Customer

The Oracle Cloud at Customer portfolio of services enables organizations to get all of the benefits of Oracle’s public cloud services in their datacenters. The business model is just like a public cloud subscription; the hardware and software platform is the same; Oracle experts monitor and manage the infrastructure; and the same tools used in Oracle’s public cloud are used to provision resources on the Oracle Cloud at Customer services. This is the only offering from a major public cloud vendor that delivers a stack that is 100 percent compatible with the public cloud but available on-premises, ensuring that customers get the same experience and the latest innovations and benefits using it in their datacenters as in the public cloud. 


 Oracle授权组织将工作负载转移到云端,同时将数据保留在自己的位置,Oracle今天宣布通过Oracle Cloud在客户端提供的广泛服务范围进行了大量扩展。该组合现在涵盖了所有主要的Oracle PaaS类别,并且首次也具有Oracle SaaS服务。自一年前推出以来,甲骨文云客户在全球六大洲领先的全球性组织和超过30个国家采用了解决方案,包括AT&T和美国银行,实现了前所未有的增长。 客户的Oracle Cloud旨在使组织能够消除云采用的最大障碍之一 - 与数据存储位置相关的数据隐私问题。虽然组织希望将企业工作负载转移到公共云端,但是许多企业都受到业务,立法和监管要求的限制,从而阻碍了他们采用该技术。这些首创的服务为企业提供数据和应用程序所在的位置提供了选择,也是将业务关键应用程序最终轻松地转移到公共云端的自然路径。 Oracle的产品开发总裁Thomas Kurian表示:“客户的Oracle Cloud可以直接响应云端采用的其他障碍,并将这些障碍转化为机会,让客户选择云服务的位置。“我们正在提供独特的服务,使我们的客户能够利用Oracle Cloud服务,包括SaaS,PaaS和IaaS,无论是在其场所还是云端。客户可以在自己的数据中心中获得Oracle所有管理和支持的强大的云产品的所有优势。“ 支持客户的Oracle Cloud是基于融合的Oracle硬件,软件定义的存储和网络以及一流的IaaS抽象的现代云基础架构平台。Oracle完全管理和维护客户场所的基础设施,以便客户能够专注于使用IaaS,PaaS和SaaS服务。这是同样的云基础设施平台,为Oracle全球供电。 在客户需求压倒的情况下,Oracle继续通过Oracle Cloud在客户端扩展服务。随着今天的消息,客户现在可以访问所有Oracle的主要PaaS类别,包括数据库,应用程序开发,分析,大数据,应用程序和数据集成以及身份管理。这些服务利用了客户平台上基础Oracle Cloud的特定增强功能,例如具有更快CPU和基于NVMe的闪存存储的服务器,以及全闪存存储,可为企业工作负载提供更好的性能。 Oracle首次通过Oracle Cloud在客户端提供了在自己的数据中心中使用企业资源规划,人力资本管理,客户关系管理和供应链管理等Oracle SaaS服务的能力。这些一流的现代应用程序有助于解决业务价值并提高业绩,使企业和人员能够获得更多的信息,连接,生产力和参与度。主要组织已经采用这种新的选择来使其关键的企业运营现代化,并从Oracle SaaS的创新速度中受益,而不必将敏感的应用程序数据移动到其外部。通过在客户端向Oracle Cloud添加SaaS服务,客户可以直接在其数据中心中访问整个云堆栈中的Oracle Cloud服务,所有这些都以基于订阅的管理模式提供。 此外,最新提供的是Oracle大数据云机器,它是一个优化的系统,提供具有专用节点功能的生产级Hadoop和Spark平台,以及云产品的灵活性和简单性。组织现在可以在自己的数据中心中使用简单的订阅模式访问全系列的Hadoop,Spark和分析工具。 Oracle Cloud at Customer提供以下Oracle云服务:

  • 基础架构:提供弹性计算,容器,弹性块存储,对象存储,虚拟网络和身份管理,以使Oracle和非Oracle工作负载可移植到云中。
  • 数据管理:使客户能够使用第一个数据库通过Oracle数据库云管理云中的数据基础架构,包括用于极端性能的Oracle数据库Exadata云和Oracle MySQL云。
  • 大数据和分析:   授权整个组织使用单一平台来利用任何数据来推动洞察力。包括广泛的大数据云服务,包括Oracle Big Data Cloud Service,Oracle Analytics Cloud和Oracle Event Hub Cloud。
  • 应用程序开发:使组织能够使用Oracle Java Cloud,Oracle应用程序容器云,Oracle容器云和Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud在云中开发和部署Java应用程序。
  • 企业集成:使用Oracle Integration Cloud,Oracle SOA Cloud,Oracle Data Integrator Cloud,Oracle GoldenGate Cloud,Oracle Managed File Transfer Cloud和Oracle Internet,简化本地应用程序与云应用程序的集成以及云应用程序到云应用程序集成的事物云。
  • 安全性:使组织能够使用Oracle身份识别云来实现和管理一致的身份和访问管理策略。
  • 软件即服务:为组织提供一整套软件来运行业务,包括Oracle ERP Cloud,Oracle CX Cloud,Oracle HCM Cloud和Oracle供应链管理云。



全球组织正在转向客户的Oracle Cloud,以便将现有基础设施现代化并开发创新的新应用程序的平台标准化。客户包括拉斯维加斯市,Federacion Colombiana de Municipios,Glintt Healthcare,HCPA,NEC,NTT DATA,乐天卡,纽约州立大学和印度国家银行都在自己的数据中心内部受益于Oracle Cloud服务。 拉斯维加斯市信息技术总监Michael Sherwood说:“拉斯维加斯市正在将其Oracle应用工作负载转移到Oracle Cloud。“通过将数据保留在我们的数据中心,我们保持完全的控制,同时实现创新,提高效率和建立应用程序,以更好地服务于我们的社区。 “今天,公共组织不断创新,以满足我们公民的需要。哥伦比亚城市联合会首席信息官Alejandro Murillo说,对于哥伦比亚市政府联合会,我们决定将我们的领土数字化改造成为聪明的城市。“借助Oracle Cloud在客户端,我们拥有技术能力,将顶级解决方案带入云市,使其能够更灵活地运作,更好地服务于我们的公民。” Glintt Healthcare Solutions首席执行官Nuno Vasco Lopes表示:“客户Oracle Cloud为我们提供了一个综合解决方案,使敏感的医疗保健数据安全可用。“高效灵活的解决方案将总体拥有成本降低了18%,并提供了高客户绩效。” 


Oracle Cloud客户服务组合使组织能够在其数据中心中获得Oracle公共云服务的所有优势。商业模式就像公共云订阅一样; 硬件和软件平台是一样的; Oracle专家监控和管理基础架构; 并且使用Oracle公共云中使用的相同工具来在客户服务中的Oracle Cloud上配置资源。这是唯一一家主要的公共云供应商,提供与公共云100%兼容但可在内部使用的堆栈,确保客户获得相同的体验,并在数据中心中使用最新的创新和优势,如公共云。 
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